Please respect the rules of the Challenge. The organization reserves the right to not consider submissions that fail to abide to the rules presented in this page.


Note that registration implies that the team agrees to the Challenge rules (this page). Please read the rules carefully before registering.

Both individual and team participations are welcome in the Challenge.

Please note that each person can only belong to one team.


Participation in the Challenge is conditioned to:

  1. upload of validation set predictions by 10 February 2020
  2. submission (and acceptance) of paper describing the methodology and validation set results to ICIAR 2020 by 10 February 2020
  3. upload of test set predictions by 18 February 2020

The best performing teams will be awarded prizes. Ranking will be based uniquely on the results of the test set predictions. Note that teams can choose to participate in a single challenge or in multiple challenges. However, each team can only participate in the challenge once, i.e., each team can only submit one set of predictions for the test set according to the methodology described in the first submission. If several submissions are performed, only the last submission will be considered.

Results will be made publicly available on the Challenge website after the second submission deadline.

Because this Challenge is associated to ICIAR 2020, to be eligible for the prizes, it is mandatory that at least one team member registers and attends the conference.

Challenge participants grant the Challenge organization the permission to use the result of their methods. Nevertheless, participating teams maintain full ownership and rights to their method. The Challenge organization does not claim any ownership or rights to the developed works.

The best performing methods will be invited to collaborate on a journal paper describing and summarizing the different approaches used and the respective results achieved on the Challenge.


All data in the LNDb dataset is made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. In brief, this means that:

  • The dataset, or any data derived from it, cannot be given or redistributed under any circumstances to persons not belonging to the registered team. If the data in the dataset is remixed, transformed or built upon, the modified data cannot be redistributed under any circumstances;
  • The dataset cannot be used for commercial purposed under any circumstances;
  • Appropriate credit must be given to the authors any time this data is used, independent of purpose. Attribution must be done through citation of the database description paper (link) or (after publication) to the main challenge publication.

External Data Use

The use of data other than the LNDb dataset, public or otherwise, is fully allowed. However, please disclose any data used when submitting your ICIAR 2020 conference paper.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners (according to the score calculated on test set predictions) of each of the four challenges:

  • 1st prize Main Challenge - Fleischner classification: 400€
  • 1st prize Challenge A - Nodule detection: 250€
  • 1st prize Challenge B - Nodule segmentation: 250€
  • 1st prize Challenge C - Nodule texture characterization: 250€

Teams may be awarded a single or multiple prizes.

All challenge prizes are sponsored by the ICIAR 2020 organization committee. Prizes will be awarded during the ICIAR 2020 conference, to be held at Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, June 24-26, 2020. 

Eligibility to the challenge's prizes is conditioned to acceptance of a paper describing the methods and cross-validation results to ICIAR 2020, corresponding publication in the conference proceedings and participation at the conference. Please check the Call for Papers section to ensure compliance with ICIAR 2020 rules.